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New Hampshire's 52 With A View: A Hiker's Guide

New Hampshire’s 52 With A View: A Hiker’s Guide, by Ken MacGray, 2nd Edition, 2020. The first guidebook to the “52 With A View” list of New Hampshire mountains under 4000 ft., each with a good view at or near the summit. Developed by the “Over the Hill Hikers” of Sandwich, NH, this list has been increasing in popularity with hikers looking for another list of mountains beyond the 4000-footers. The author provides a wealth of information for each peak, including road access & parking; detailed descriptions of recommended trail routes, plus summaries of additional routes; nomenclature and historical tidbits; tips on hiking the peaks in winter; and highlights of the views from each peak. The 2nd Edition is revised and expanded, including the 5 new peaks added to the list in spring 2020, as well as the five peaks that were delisted. More than 50 photographs are included, and the trail descriptions, alternate routes, and winter tips have been revised and expanded. This is the book 52WAV hikers have been waiting for! 246 pp.,  5 ½” X 8 ½.”


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