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Hiking Trails in the Waterville Valley, NH

 Hiking Trails in the Waterville Valley, NH, by Waterville Valley Athletic & Improvement Association, 2018. This superb waterproof map of the many interesting trails in the Waterville Valley area was created by AMC cartographer Larry Garland and the WVAIA Map Committee. Coverage extends from Welch & Dickey Mtns. and East Ponds on the west to the Tripyramids and Sandwich Dome on the east. Changes due to Tropical Storm Irene are shown, including the wonderful new Irene's Path. Has 50-ft. contours and shows viewpoints and trail segment mileages. On reverse side are brief descriptions of all Waterville Valley trails, written by WVAIA hiker Dan Newton. Folded to 3 1/2" x 5 1/2."
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