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Forest and Crag

Forest and Crag: A History of Hiking, Trail Blazing and Adventure in the Northeast Mountains, by Laura and Guy Waterman, 2019 (originally published 1989). Laura and Guy Waterman’s epic history of Northeastern hiking, is back in print! As the Watermans note, “…these little hills may well be the most interesting mountains on the face of the earth.” Their book covers the story of Northeastern mountain hiking from the days of Darby Field all the way through to the “backpacking revolution” in the 1970s. In addition to the White Mountains, areas covered include Katahdin, Acadia, the Green Mountains, the Adirondacks, the Catskills, and southern New England. There are countless tales of adventure and trail-blazing - and building - and they introduce the reader to a fascinating cast of characters.  Forest and Crag also includes an extensive section of reference notes. This is a hefty tome, coming in at 978 pages and almost four pounds. But as I wrote in a review when the book first came out in 1989, “Written with grace, style, and good humor, seasoned with a refreshing sense of wonder, Forest and Crag reads more like a gripping novel than the serious research work it really is.” This essential book is the cornerstone of any Northeast mountain enthusiast’s library.
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