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Birds of the Squam Lakes Region

Birds of the Squam Lakes Region, by Beverly S. Ridgely, revised and updated by Robert S. Ridgely and Kenneth H. Klapper, 3rd Edition, 2022. Published by Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. This authoritative and comprehensive guide to the bird life of the Squam Lakes region and southern White Mountains has been thoroughly revised and updated after being out of print for many years. Most of the book is devoted to detailed accounts for every species that has been recorded in the region, including description for identification, vocalizations, habitat, elevational distribution, relative abundance, and dates of annual occurrence. Illustrated with more than 200 color photographs. Also includes a “A Sketch of Squam Birdlife” by legendary NH ornithologist Tudor Richards, and a guide to “Birds and Hiking in the Squam Lakes Region.” This book is a treasure trove for any New Hampshire birder. Hardcover, 400 pp., 6” X 9 ¼.”
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