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Catskill Trails Map Set

Catskill Trails Map Set, by New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. 12th Edition, 2018.  New digitally produced, GPS-surveyed edition of classic Catskill maps.  Colorful six-map set (tyvek, with 50-foot contours) covers all trails in Catskill Forest Preserve: Northeast, Central, Western, Southern , Vernooy/Sundown and Halcott/Bearpen/Vly  areas. Scale is 1:63,360 (1 inch = 1 mile). Mileages are shown for trail segments, and stars indicate viewpoints. Trail descriptions/logs and other info on reverse. Maps are folded to 4” x 8 ¼” or less and come in plastic pouch.
Price: $16.95
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