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The Geology of New Hampshire's White Mountains

The Geology of New Hampshire's White Mountains, by J. Dykstra Eusden et al, 2013. Written by seven geologists who have long associations with the area, this spectacular book is the first to cover the geology of the entire White Mountains region. Its easy-to-understand text and profusion of color photos, maps and illustrations provide a comprehensive look at the geologic story of the Whites. The book begins with an overview of geologic forces that shaped the mountains, and a history of geologic research in the Whites. It then describes how the various bedrock types were formed, uplifted and eroded, followed by sections on glaciation and post-glacial phenomena such as landslides, rock glaciers, floods, and the Old Man. It concludes with a section on Paleoindian settlement in the Whites. This book will greatly enhance any hiker's appreciation of the White Mountain landscape. In addition to Eusden, the authors include Woodrow B. Thompson, Brian K. Fowler, P. Thom Davis, Wallace A. Bothner, Richard A. Boisvert, and John W. Creasy. 184 pp, 11" X 8 1/2."
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